Making of a Pumpkin Patch...

For my story, Charley and the Pumpkin Farm, I've been working on a scene where kids are in the pumpkin patch trying to find their one and only pumpkin. In this illustration, I woke up one morning and decided to make it extra complicated for myself, and expand the illustration to a flip-out page so I could create a sense of visual expansion to the scene. In doing so, I created a painting of 85 souls looking for their special pumpkin. Of course, 69 of those souls are in the back field and a mere essence of paint and motion of human form. 24 are the size of a penny and have a little more detail. 16 souls are in the forefront and required much attention creating their sense of journey. This illustration is inspired by Nick Venetucci, as he was Colorado Spring's Pumpkin Man and through his generosity gave away 35,000 or so pumpkins a year, for 50 years, to school children who came to his farm. He is our local hero.

Here is a short video on the process of creating Nick's pumpkin patch...

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